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Suvarnaganesha Temple


History of Suvarnaganesha is quite fascinating. It was on the special day of November 17th 1998 (Sankashti Chaturthi as per the Hindu calendar) that there was found a copper box beneath the earth some 40-50 cm. It was weighing 30 kilos,37.5 cm(27 inches) in length,45 cm(18 inches) wide,17.5(7 inches) in height, in a coconut cultivation near the temple.

The box was muddy as it was buried and looked ancient. It had some words written from the 10 century in Sanskrit. This incident attracted the entire mob from the Diveagar village. It was to everyone's astonishment as what could be in the box?
This was the second incident that an ancient piece of history was found, as earlier there was found a "Tamraptra" at the same place.
May be this box could relate something with the "Tamraptra" opening the door of the unsolved mysteries of past.

And the box was opened at 12 noon. There was a sculpture of Lord Ganesh made out of pure gold. Also the box contained ornaments belonging to Lord Ganesha. It was then that the God was named "Suvarnaganesh".

Suvarnaganesh is a complete idol of Lord Ganesha,but a sculpture of pure 24 caret gold. Its weighted 1 kilo and 300grams, with height of 60cm(24 inches). The sculpture made is 300 to 400 years ancient. It is said that this sculpture was created to mask some Lord Ganesh stone idol, which was earlier in the temple.

However it's still a puzzle as to who has buried it and for what reason.
But people of Diveagar have tremendous faith in Suvarnagensh and that the God is blessing the place with prosperity.

Sundernarayan Temple

Diveagar-SundernarayanAlso known as Rupnarayan temple, was believed to be built in the thirteen century, under the rule of King Shilahar. The idol is the best example of sculpture. The four hands of the idol along with their accessories Shank(Shell),Chakra(Wheel), Gada(Weapon), Padma(Lotus) are carved in such a manner that when seen in clockwise direction ,it shows 24 different appearances of Lord Vishnu.

The Idol although got affected in the struggle of the natives with some foreigners (English men or Portuguese) in their try to steal the idol. It was the people where who gave a tough fight and bought the idol back.



At the back of the Sundernarayn temple,is the main attraction of Diveagar. The sea-shore, the grand sea-shore is about 4-5 kilometers. The soothing sand beneath, the sea in semicircle appears to be calling.
Here one can feel the relation with the divine, the place being calm and quite.

The sunset seems to be the most pleasing scene. At Diveagar it is not a happening but an auspicious occasion.
At twilight, the sun starts to move near the sea and at one moment it just gets dissolved in the sea turning the water saffron. All the shore experiences the sacred peace and the no threat of the dark.

The sky is now full of starts, making the sea shine. The waves come to the shore and get mingled with the sands.
The sea is now blue with glowing stars on the drops of water. The sea appears as if ready to get painted again by the sun at dawn.
Both the stars and the sun colour the sea and Diveagar is watching this with due affection.

Starfish are observed here on shore in winters, whereas crabs can be seen in summers. Also creepers like ipomoea biloba can be seen.

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